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While Fandom weirdness had been laying low for a while aside from certain timeline-related Moments Of Awkward, holiday and birthday-type activities had more than stepped up to fill in the space. So tonight's a rare night of relaxing in front of the tv, since most of Xander's non-party time this week has been spent up in the workshop, not being an elf. Exactly.

But certainly not burglarizing Christmas, unlike someone on his tv screen right now.

[OOC: For the non-redheaded tiny Jewish Santa b-word-person.]
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The door to the holosuite's shut, but there's a glittery green sign next to it that says "Bridge's Birthday Party" and a smaller one that says, "Push Here For Cake" above the entrance button.

Push it, and the door slides open to reveal a large room made entirely of Lego, including the furniture, light fixtures and posters on the walls. There's bouncy music playing, and random shifts of coincidentally Ranger-coded colored light bopping over said walls.

[OOC: Open, and up waaaaaaay early for slowplay. If you don't think your character would've been invited but you'd like to crash anyway, feel free - the light and sound would be noticeable through the lobby anytime the door opened to let someone in. You get an extra slice of cake if you know why this icon is so, so wrong.]
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Xander's got an e-mail home open, half-written, as he lounges on the couch with the laptop. Oddly, it's not to Willow, this time - not that it's always to her, but she tends to get the bulk of them due to BFF privileges.

This time, though, it's to the other best friend.

Dear Buffy:

So I met Bridge's parents. His mom pulled a knife on me. Good times. I'm not in tiny card jail, though, which I think I'm supposed to take as a sign that they like me. In other news, mini-Fandom-Andrew got the lead in the school play. I'm not sure if I should warn him about possible fairy possession or warn the school about possible monkey-demons. I'm not sure this school would even notice possible monkey-demons; it's not like we did.

64,000$ question: What if Angel'd still been evil after he got the soul back? What would you have done? Except you did, when you killed him, so I guess I'm asking what should I have done to hel---

If you think, given how close that gets to mentioning things he's never mentioned, that this letter's going nowhere fast, you're not wrong.

[OOC: For the guy whose parents haven't put Xander in tiny card jail yet.]
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Xander's cooking. Real cooking, not even pasta. Cooking with meat and veggies and something that passes for gravy. It's not really taking his mind off what he learned today, but it's letting him concentrate on something with set steps, instructions he has to follow. It's almost like work in that respect but he's less familiar with the process, and that helps today. Lets him only dwell on it in slow minutes while he's waiting for the potatoes to boil, how easy it is to take it for granted, even now. What he got back, the chance to spend time with with people he cares about, people he thought he'd lost. People - or at least one person - that he really needs to talk to, now.
[OOC: For Bridge. SP'd for great work-and-cleaning-parents'-house-ness]

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