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Xander's got an e-mail home open, half-written, as he lounges on the couch with the laptop. Oddly, it's not to Willow, this time - not that it's always to her, but she tends to get the bulk of them due to BFF privileges.

This time, though, it's to the other best friend.

Dear Buffy:

So I met Bridge's parents. His mom pulled a knife on me. Good times. I'm not in tiny card jail, though, which I think I'm supposed to take as a sign that they like me. In other news, mini-Fandom-Andrew got the lead in the school play. I'm not sure if I should warn him about possible fairy possession or warn the school about possible monkey-demons. I'm not sure this school would even notice possible monkey-demons; it's not like we did.

64,000$ question: What if Angel'd still been evil after he got the soul back? What would you have done? Except you did, when you killed him, so I guess I'm asking what should I have done to hel---

If you think, given how close that gets to mentioning things he's never mentioned, that this letter's going nowhere fast, you're not wrong.

[OOC: For the guy whose parents haven't put Xander in tiny card jail yet.]
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It's dark when they step out of the portal. Of course, it was dark when they had stepped into the portal in the first place, so it doesn't immediately occur to Bridge that something may have gone a bit wrong.

The location of the exit portal is, at least, convenient. Right on his parents' doorstep. He gives Xander what he *hopes* is a reassuring smile before knocking on the door.

Cut for more codey-goodness )

[OOC: preplayed with [ profile] bridge_carson and [ profile] futurebucs_star of whom we shall have one of our very own tomorrow yay! NFB, NFI, NBC, CBS, TNT. More to come later.]

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