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The last time Xander missed a really important call, he'd had no other excuse than not hearing the ringtone over his hometown falling into a sinkhole around his ears.

This time, at least he could say it wasn't his fault. The thing hadn't given so much as a buzz in the last two days -- which was actually kind of ridiculous, like half his construction clients had decided to go on vacation or something -- and then all of a sudden the message light was blinking at him from atop the pizza box he hadn't even opened yet.

Funny how, once he'd let it play, Xander really didn't give a crap that it wasn't his fault (or even entirely believe that, because... because there should've been something.)

He wasn't much in the mood for pizza anymore, either.
[Open for texts/calls/people who live in THE FUTURE. Mmm, pizza.]
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Xander and Bridge had meant to catch the same portal to Fandom's homecoming that Z did, but, er...

Moving on.

There were other ways of catching up with people, anyway, both in and out of Fandom. Say, for instance, by pulling out one's phone while chilling outside SPD headquarters watching the D-Squad cadets do mud-runs.

Technically, Xander was supposed to be power-washing the windows, but he knew from experience that they'd manage to splat mud at least two stories high by the time they were done, so there was no point in cleaning anything until they all trooped back into the building. Hence, the punching of familiar numbers, and the munching of familiar golden spongecake goodness while he waited for an answer.

"Hey, Will. How's it hangin' in--"

"How many times do I have to point out that I don't have anything that hangs, Xander?" He'd be more worried about fitting a foot down his throat alongside that twinkie if she wasn't snickering.

"Well, not at thirty, you don't. Though the way you're built, even when you're sixty--" You know, there was no earthly way this could go anywhere good.


See? "I just mean you'll probably still look bangin' even as an old lady! What's wrong with that?" Sadly, that's actually what he did mean.

"I'm twenty-nine!"

Whoops. Mmm, toes. "Fine, fine, twenty-nine. I gained six months on you somewhere in the nineteen thirties. Point is, only you, me, Buffy and your driver's license know you're robbing the cradle, and it's not like I can talk."

He was actually risking some anklebone gnawing here, depending on whether the onagainoffagain was offagain or onagain this month, but the distraction was worth it, and last he'd heard, things were On with a capital DEAR GOD, WILLOW, NEVER LET YOUR GIRLFRIEND HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR TWITPIC ACCOUNT AGAIN.

"How is Kennedy, anyway? Did I mention I met a tiny version of her in Fandom this summer?"


"...Off again again, huh?"

"Sweetie, I have no idea what you're talking about."

Wow, when those two fought, they really fought. Xander just hoped for her sake and possibly that of his imagination shut up that the epic make-up would be worth it.

[ILU SHANIE (AND TBQ) DUN HURT ME. Also open for calls/texts/invitations to Count Duckula's party/people in the FUTURE, as desired.]


Jun. 12th, 2010 09:26 pm
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June 2010
Juliet's Birthday (Rory, Cally)
July 2010
There's a what in the fishtank? (Bridge, Jen, Z)
October 2010
Homecoming Carnival (Bridge, Parker, Isabel, Billy, Z, Anakin)
At the dance
Sunnydale Preunion Oh God (Willow, Tara, Kennedy)
December 2010
New Year's Eve 2025 (Bridge, Z, Jen)
March 2011
Galaxy Quest Marathon (Bridge, Z, Jen)
June 2011
Strawberry Social (Kennedy)
August 2011
Twitterfeed (Bridge, a cast of thousands)
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Subject: Squid-raising 101

Hey, have you noticed anything weird about Cam-Mollusc recently? Off his feed, you think? He keeps rolling his ball over to the shelf with my dinosaur figures on it and knocking them all down.

love, Xander

P.S. Dinner at that place with the two-headed waiters tonight?

[E-mail is to the boy, obviously, but Xander's around for incoming mail, calls, or twinkies.]
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"........ I have a meeting with the architects for the new section of the Abandoned Warehouse District in an hour and a half. NOT FUNNY, FANDOM!"

[OOC: And now you know where the elf clothes came from. Also, open for the B-word-person, the locals if they want to come knocking, or anybody with a grumpy, tinsel-strewn carpenter's cell number.]
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[OOC: For anyone that might currently be in bed with him. Yes, that means the spouse. Threesomes cost extra, Madrox.]
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Okay, so one thing that might be different from last week is the part where Xander and Bridge do spend some time together in their living room without bow-chicka-wow music playing.

If only in Xander's head.

Of course, between that and the Abaranger repeat currently on tv...

[OOC: For the husband and the dude.]
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"...Okay, so I know guys supposedly say this all the time? But seriously, God's honest truth, this has never happened to me before."
[OOC: For that guy who lives here. So not you, Jamie. Or Dor. Please God no, do not make the bed talk. Erm. Goes NWS, yes.]

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You know how when something embarrassing happens and contacting other humans is probably the Dumbest Thing Ever, you still do, just because there's the tiniest, tiniest chance it might not just be you and you have to confirm that even at the risk of... something embarrassing happening?

Huh. Maybe it's just Xander.

Then again, some days it's not Xander. He kinda loves those days.
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Doing maintenance and reconstruction for SPD wasn't exactly like being the construction crew for Team Buffy, but it was still a small enough staff that Xander was pretty sure nobody would be around to yell at him for having a seat on the bottom rung of his ladder and making some calls. It sure as hell beat actually watching the paint dry.

[OOC: Open for twinkiephone contact, the singular of spice, or anybody else who happens to be wandering the hallways of 2024.]
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"So we're on seven, right?" Xander asks Bridge as he strikes a match. He knows the answer, because it's not exactly the first Hanukkah celebration he's been to (not even counting the previous six nights) but it never hurts to confirm with the experts.

[OOC: Shh, yes, we know 2023 wouldn't match up with this year's Jewish calendar. Shh. It's another dimension and G-d knows these guys are so timefrakked anyway that who knows what day it really is for them. OH ALSO open for the locals, and/or calls from FH friends.]

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With the Fernovian bank robber behind bars, and an apology from Sky and Ghost about the way they'd treated him throughout the investigation, Bridge is feeling... pretty good about his day, actually, as he punches in the keycode for his quarters and steps inside, the door hissing closed behind him.

Which, of course, is when a red-headed knight fell on to his bed. )

[OOC: Like the redhead said! Also, yes, this happens after Z left for Homecoming.]
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When you're living in the future with no job to speak of and not much to do but watch tv with alien subtitles and answer e-mails from your fellow alumni, shockingly enough there's plenty of time for things like preparing an anniversary dinner.

Not that he didn't know that traditionally one month was like the Kleenex Anniversary or something, but dude. He was a Harris. Well, an ex-Harris. One month without even threats of divorce or flying crockery was probably a new world record for his family.

And thus there was Chinese food, because it was something not made by a synthesizer, it was something he could walk in off the street and order without being afraid humans couldn't actually digest it, and oh yeah -- it was what they'd eaten on their first date.

[OOC: for the S-word person! No, not you, Sean Connery.]
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And now that we have the new townies announced, I can add that I'm pleased to hand off the keys, both in and out of character, to [ profile] nugents_shirt.

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[Points y'all in this direction for the new owner!*]

Stuff that doesn't apply anymore )

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