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June 2010
Juliet's Birthday (Rory, Cally)
July 2010
There's a what in the fishtank? (Bridge, Jen, Z)
October 2010
Homecoming Carnival (Bridge, Parker, Isabel, Billy, Z, Anakin)
At the dance
Sunnydale Preunion Oh God (Willow, Tara, Kennedy)
December 2010
New Year's Eve 2025 (Bridge, Z, Jen)
March 2011
Galaxy Quest Marathon (Bridge, Z, Jen)
June 2011
Strawberry Social (Kennedy)
August 2011
Twitterfeed (Bridge, a cast of thousands)
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When you're living in the future with no job to speak of and not much to do but watch tv with alien subtitles and answer e-mails from your fellow alumni, shockingly enough there's plenty of time for things like preparing an anniversary dinner.

Not that he didn't know that traditionally one month was like the Kleenex Anniversary or something, but dude. He was a Harris. Well, an ex-Harris. One month without even threats of divorce or flying crockery was probably a new world record for his family.

And thus there was Chinese food, because it was something not made by a synthesizer, it was something he could walk in off the street and order without being afraid humans couldn't actually digest it, and oh yeah -- it was what they'd eaten on their first date.

[OOC: for the S-word person! No, not you, Sean Connery.]
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The weeks leading up to and following graduation had been... busy was not the word. Or well, it was one of the words, along with eventful, Fandomtastic, scary, heart-stopping, sad, worrying, nostalgia-inducing, work-filled, relieving, newsy, romantic, and occasionally MA-rated. Some of which weren't words, but whatever. It all added up to Xander not having had a chance to just flop down and vegetate in front of the tv for quite a while.


Space Battles. He was almost up to the metal bikini.

[OOC: For the BFF. Will also be a linkdrop soonish, la.]
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They didn't come straight back to the apartment after sending Bronwyn and Payback home. It just seemed like it'd be way too empty.

But there's only so much grocery shopping and other off-putting you can do before you have to go back to the place where you usually do stuff like, oh, sleep.

Xander hangs his jacket up and turns the light on as they come in.

He was right. It is way too empty.

[For just one of the B-word-people, woe. SP for great justice.]
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If the apartment where Xander is waiting for a certain ex-jailbird -- no, the other one -- to finally make an appearance smells like leftover Chinese, it's probably the leftover Chinese. Food, that is; the delivery guy from Ching Tai didn't stay. Isabel had, for a while, but when the call finally came through that Bridge was on his way back, she'd taken it as her cue to head home and get some much-deserved sleep.

Xander hadn't had a lot of that himself in the last few days, not the good kind, but somehow he didn't have any problem waiting up.

[OOC: For the water-spanning-structure-person. Best Roomie Ever handwavied with permission.]
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Xander woke up earlier than he normally would on the morning after Operation Please Don't Arrest Us. It could be something about motel rooms that set his traveling-with-a-slayer clock going, but it was mostly the empty bed. Empty room: no packing sounds, no shower noises, no lights turned on, and what little light there was outside was barely sneaking through the curtains.

He scrubbed his hair out of his face, clicked the bedside lamp on, and spotted the note on the table.

"Son of a..."

He reached for his phone, glad that speed dial #1 meant he didn't have to fumble with buttons, though the time-delay might have prevented his first words on pickup from being, 'Where the hell are you?' )

[Preplayed with the fabtastic [ profile] bridge_carson, [ profile] futurebucs_star, and [ profile] tatooine_doofus. NFB due to distance, but OOC is welcome. Posted illegally early because I need TEH SLEEPS.]

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Not that he had a problem with guests or he wouldn't have asked them to stay in the first place, but sometimes you needed to just get out and clear your head, which was why Xander was up on the roof, staring out at the town.

After what Angelus had done to Willow, Claire and Veronica, asking Mel not to kill him had been.....he really didn't want to think about what it had been, actually. Xanders traditionally attempt to avoid this thing called "self-examination." Worrying about other people is so much more fun. Oh wait, no. But at least he could distract himself by doing something useful. Sort of. Except that despite the fact that he and Dawn had the Best. Slayer. Ever.*, Willow was still asleep, so right now he wasn't feeling all that useful. Mostly just cold.

Yeah, that head-clearing thing was working out really well.
*This statement has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration. Consume Slayer at your own risk. Contents may settle during shipping. Batteries not included. Please check side of box for which model of Best. Slayer. Ever. is contained within: light, dark, or multi-colored.

[OOC: For... anybody who'd have a reason to wander up to the MCA roof.]
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While Fandom weirdness had been laying low for a while aside from certain timeline-related Moments Of Awkward, holiday and birthday-type activities had more than stepped up to fill in the space. So tonight's a rare night of relaxing in front of the tv, since most of Xander's non-party time this week has been spent up in the workshop, not being an elf. Exactly.

But certainly not burglarizing Christmas, unlike someone on his tv screen right now.

[OOC: For the non-redheaded tiny Jewish Santa b-word-person.]
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The door to the holosuite's shut, but there's a glittery green sign next to it that says "Bridge's Birthday Party" and a smaller one that says, "Push Here For Cake" above the entrance button.

Push it, and the door slides open to reveal a large room made entirely of Lego, including the furniture, light fixtures and posters on the walls. There's bouncy music playing, and random shifts of coincidentally Ranger-coded colored light bopping over said walls.

[OOC: Open, and up waaaaaaay early for slowplay. If you don't think your character would've been invited but you'd like to crash anyway, feel free - the light and sound would be noticeable through the lobby anytime the door opened to let someone in. You get an extra slice of cake if you know why this icon is so, so wrong.]
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Food was, in theory, ready. This was because Xander had, in fact, totally cheated -- the only things that hadn't come from the food synthesizer were the coffee and pie. The pie was chocolate peanut butter pie, and consisted of peanut butter, milk, pudding, and Cool Whip, but at least he'd made it himself!

You do Thanksgiving your way, and he'll do it his, mm'kay?
[OOC: Open for some expected guests!]
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Xander has a perfectly logical reason to be piling up pillows, blankets, and sofa cushions on the floor of the den. No, really.

Yeah, there'd been good parts to the last two weeks, and work - of several kinds - was fine, even though his Slayer's taking off for another dimension for the weekend.

But people leaving, people who left, people who might get a little nervous about the idea of him going anyplace... It would make anybody sane consider moving into a fort for the near future.

Granted that doesn't explain why Xander's doing it.
[OOC: For the fort-buddy. ...Still not you, Madrox. A NWS scene follows this post, but is filtered.]
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After a day at the campgrounds, divided between saying goodbye and a strong case of luau-related deja-vu, Xander is in the kitchen, making a peanut butter sandwich.

For a ferret. As you do. )
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Apparently the weekend -- exits and entrances, expected parties and unexpected reappearances, applause and explosions, and... brunch, as you do -- had finally caught up with Xander, because he was nursing one of those hide-behind-the-eyepatch headaches. He'd already taken something for it, but that was just keeping the dull throb from creeping out into the rest of his head.
[OOC: for someone with a festive umbrella. No, not you, Jamie.]
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You'd think two days of monster-hunting, junk-food-eating and playing Power Rangers would wear out a pretty small five year old, right?

[For wee!bedtime]
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Between his alternate self's son with Parker, some alternate Bridge's son with Marie, and the much more surprise appearance of a daughter who Xander was still having trouble believing was possible, he was operating completely on go-with-the-flow logic at this point.

So after a long afternoon in the Park with all three of them, and calls to certain people's alterna-moms, MCA #0 had suddenly turned into YMCA #0 for the night. The couch in the living room was folded out into a bed, extra sleeping bags were strewn on the floor, popcorn had been popped, and hot cocoa was currently waiting to cool down.
[OOC: For the extended Carson and Harris brood.]
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Xander? Hiding out in his apartment channel-surfing and avoiding all contact with humanity instead of venturing out in public? After a meeting at the birthday party he and Peter had thrown for a certain advice-giving BFF had led directly to something he was unsuccessfully desperately avoiding thinking about, last night in the park?

Whyever would you think that?

[OOC: He's not exactly expecting a phone call, but that's what this post is for.]
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You'd think after last night, Xander would be sleeping in, and he did try, but he woke sometime long before he felt really rested. Rather than stare at the ceiling until it was a decent hour to call...people, he got up, showered, and did stuff that wouldn't wake anybody up who wasn't already awake.

It was hella later in Brazil, so he did try to call there, but he was met only with Kennedy's apologetic voice. He left a message for Willow with her and a Happy Birthday one on Buffy's cell, then went back to peering at his laptop. Noting the number of truly new e-mails that had already come in, he decided the old ones could wait until he'd saved everybody some WTF.

To: E-mail flood victims ) Sorry about that... )

Then and only then did he let himself read through the messages he'd been sent while he was gone, with the cellphone on hands-free so he could finally listen to the rest of his voicemail while he read.

When the last 'old' message started playing, though, Xander lifted his gaze from the screen and just stared. And then made a call it was always going to be too early to make.

When three hours had passed with no response, he made another. Which was ALWAYS a link, yes.

[OOC: Open for a call from [ profile] izzyalienqueen that he's not expecting, as well.]

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