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Xander was all for radio when there was good news to report. He didn't even hold a grudge when the squirrels caught him drunk or talking about porn.

Zoe's announcement however? He could live without news like that. And when only one of his phone calls got any kind of an answer, Xander threw his laptop into its bag and headed down to the school to hit the library. Hopefully Willow just wasn't answering her phone because she was holed up there, right?

[OOC: Estaaaablishy, though Xander's call with Bridge is still being played out.]
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Xander is typing an e-mail. As you do.

Dear Willow: )

Well, ok, Xander is staring at the screen with his finger poised over the delete key. But that's sort of like typing, right?
[OOC: For the Space Cadet who doesn't wear yellow. Not that Xander doesn't love her too. Just not in the same way. Really, really not in the same way.]
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After a night of patrolling with Mel turned into Slayerfest 2007, Xander had decided to pass on following that up with a trip to Caritas, and had instead headed home to relax. He could thus now be found curled up on the couch poking about a new copy of a certain book, now that his laptop was all shipshape and internets-getting again, post-blackout.
[OOC: for certain expected guestages.]

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