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Doing maintenance and reconstruction for SPD wasn't exactly like being the construction crew for Team Buffy, but it was still a small enough staff that Xander was pretty sure nobody would be around to yell at him for having a seat on the bottom rung of his ladder and making some calls. It sure as hell beat actually watching the paint dry.

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No matter how busy a day certain people might have had today (or yesterday, for that matter), at some point after the ice cream, there comes the bedtime. No, really.

[OOC: For the B-word people and eventually someone else. Whose name is not Madrox, Fray, Weasley, Cooper, Blank, Cox, Krevlornswath, or Animal. *waits to see who I forgot*]
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While the Policeman's ball had been a fun ending to a productive week, and Monday had even started well, Xander's anniversary this month? DO NOT WANT.

Which is why, now that Bridge is feeling better, Xander's got his apartment all set up for a romantic evening.

You know. Pizza, highly-caffeinated soda, Galaxy Quest dvds.

[OOC: for the obvious person-type person.]
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After a night of patrolling with Mel turned into Slayerfest 2007, Xander had decided to pass on following that up with a trip to Caritas, and had instead headed home to relax. He could thus now be found curled up on the couch poking about a new copy of a certain book, now that his laptop was all shipshape and internets-getting again, post-blackout.
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