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The beach, Xander's dressing-cabana )

The FUTURE. Sort of. Maybe. )
The beach again )

[Pre-played with the groom of otherness and the ever-loved [ profile] futurebucs_star. OOC is a smaller number than three, and IC is... in the wedding post. Or will be shortly. Though this happens offscreen.]

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Nobody much cares where you sit, since it's not like there's a bride's side, or like Xander and Bridge don't share all the same friends, but the green fabric deck chairs are separated by a white runner anyway.

Lit on either side by softly-muted glow-balls, it leads down to a chupah that's -- contain your shock -- just as green.

In fact, it looks pretty much like this. )

Welcome to the Carson-Harris wedding.


[OOC: Up supersuper early so guests and wedding party members can SP and I can craaaaaaaaash. Ceremony will be added in later in the day, and the inevitable followup post will follow. As they do.]

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Sometime on Tuesday, the following

appeared (unless through the vagaries of the sorting engine, it didn't) in a number of mailboxes (or semi-reasonable facsimiles thereof) across a number of dimensions.

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You know what you should probably take away from an almost-six year old person who, after a very busy day (and a very busy week) has already had dinner and dessert?

A phone that makes Twinkies.

For several reasons, all of them obvious.

[OOC: Making a specific call, but open for anybody who wants weetiny Xander to ring them.]
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There's popcorn, there's soda, there's two guys sprawled on the couch on a work-free Thursday evening. Everybody knows what that means, right?

Right - it's Call And Torment Parker Night!

After all, there've been a few minor changes in plans, and while some people waited to leave the island until after they'd heard about them, some people left last year. So they deserve to get tormented.

Or possibly it's just fun.

[OOC: This post is brought to you by the letters B and P, and the number aleph-null. Someday when it grows up it will be a linkdrop.]
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Break week is nice. Break week without a boyf-- huh. Xander can't call him the B-word-person anymore, can he? Anyway, break-week when the person who used to be your b-word-person is fifteen years and a dimension away is kind of... b-wordy. The kind of b-word that -- without threats of vengeance, work to do or other people's good news to help celebrate -- ends in oring.

At least until his phone starts playing a certain Simon and Garfunkel tune.


[For the, um. F-word person. Which yes, sometimes is you, Jamie, but not this time. Will also be a linkdrop when I get around to it.]
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Xander is exhausted when he finally makes it back to his apartment, and not the good kind of engagement-announcing, Parker-tormenting, hard work and butt-bow-threatening kind of exhaustion.

No, this would be more the missing fiancé, teleporting to Greece, climbing Mount Olympus, hey-let's-play 20-questions-with-the-gods kind of exhaustion. Plus there was hopscotch.

You'd think some of that would go away after he discovered Bridge had been rescued, but not so much. Xander's still bone-weary with worry, and probably will be until he makes it inside and sees him face-to--- "Bridge?"

[OOC: For he whose name is on Xander's ass. Still not you, Jamie.]
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So did you know that Xander can be a bit of a bastard?

Oh. You did. Okay then. Carry on.
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It's Friday, which means no work and there's that trip up the mountain tonight. It's also Xander's anniversary, which means as cool as the volcano might be -- you'd hope -- the rest of Fandom can enjoy trekking up it in this decidedly not-cool weather without them.

"That was good," Xander says as the door closes behind them and they scuff out into the sand. "Different, but good."

[OOC: For the B-word-person, early posty for late worky, then SP for great... late worky.]

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Ray was right. Sitting down wasn't a problem. Leaning back was a problem. Which was why Xander was sprawled out on his stomach on the living room rug, tapping away at his laptop.

Dear Willow:

You missed underwear gnomes. And people being shirtless in the park. And I miss you and I got a (top secret) tattoo. These things are only indirectly related. And also something else but I invoke BFF privilege #23 to not tell you what until later in exchange for you being the first person I tell when later happens.

How's tricks by you?


It would be wrong to send it to himself and BCC both of them. But not like special hell wrong, so he hit Send.

[Linkdroppy, but open for the BFF if she wants to reply!]

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"Did I mention one of the duties of Moral Support is to make sure I actually go in this place?" Xander asked as he peered in through the glass doors.

[OOC: For the roomie-in-law, NFB due to distance.]
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It's late, and it's dark, and Xander ought to be asleep. Even on a globe-hopping island, you can't party all night every night. He's got an office to open tomorrow. Calls to make, since his other business is finally picking up some speed again this summer.

He should be getting some rest -- it's not like the other person in his bed is keeping him awake. Bridge, after moving his stuff back from the cabins, dumping it in his room, then making his way across town for a late dinner, is out like the proverbial light - and the real ones too.

It's late, and it's dark, and Xander ought to be asleep, but he's not. He's sitting with his back against the headboard, the window open to let in the suddenly misty air, watching Bridge's chest rise and fall. Thinking about more people he loves leaving, growing up in another direction from the way she'd grown in another dimension, but still, up. About the fact that they'll be leaving at the end of the summer. Both of them. He'd add hopefully to that, but Xander realizes he can't picture a future that doesn't have both of them in it.

[OOC: Mostly stablishy, but also for the modded-with-permission B-word-person]
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The weeks leading up to and following graduation had been... busy was not the word. Or well, it was one of the words, along with eventful, Fandomtastic, scary, heart-stopping, sad, worrying, nostalgia-inducing, work-filled, relieving, newsy, romantic, and occasionally MA-rated. Some of which weren't words, but whatever. It all added up to Xander not having had a chance to just flop down and vegetate in front of the tv for quite a while.


Space Battles. He was almost up to the metal bikini.

[OOC: For the BFF. Will also be a linkdrop soonish, la.]
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The short version )

If you need an apartment at MCA (there's currently one open), or want Xander to do a carpentry or repair job for you, just drop me a line or a voicemail.

The long version.
50 things about Xander.

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They didn't come straight back to the apartment after sending Bronwyn and Payback home. It just seemed like it'd be way too empty.

But there's only so much grocery shopping and other off-putting you can do before you have to go back to the place where you usually do stuff like, oh, sleep.

Xander hangs his jacket up and turns the light on as they come in.

He was right. It is way too empty.

[For just one of the B-word-people, woe. SP for great justice.]
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That sound you hear would be Xander snoring.

That sound Xander hears would be.... the... nonononononononono doorbell.

And then there is no snoring.

There's just Xander muttering "Nononononononono..." and trying to shove his head under a pillow.

And then there's the doorbell again.

And the pattering of tiny feet a herd of tiny elephants towards it.

That sound would be Xander jumping out of bed and tearing out of the bedroom, yes.

[For, uh, the people from last night. Cookie for anyone who can tell me why the deliveryman is so, so, so wrong.]
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No matter how busy a day certain people might have had today (or yesterday, for that matter), at some point after the ice cream, there comes the bedtime. No, really.

[OOC: For the B-word people and eventually someone else. Whose name is not Madrox, Fray, Weasley, Cooper, Blank, Cox, Krevlornswath, or Animal. *waits to see who I forgot*]
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If Bridge and Xander slept in really, really late and are still kind of lazing around in bed, well, it's been a long, busy week. And if they're still really, really sleepy, well, yesterday was prom night, and Xander had visiting royalty in his bed. You do the math.

[For the B-word-persons.]

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