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Not that he had a problem with guests or he wouldn't have asked them to stay in the first place, but sometimes you needed to just get out and clear your head, which was why Xander was up on the roof, staring out at the town.

After what Angelus had done to Willow, Claire and Veronica, asking Mel not to kill him had been.....he really didn't want to think about what it had been, actually. Xanders traditionally attempt to avoid this thing called "self-examination." Worrying about other people is so much more fun. Oh wait, no. But at least he could distract himself by doing something useful. Sort of. Except that despite the fact that he and Dawn had the Best. Slayer. Ever.*, Willow was still asleep, so right now he wasn't feeling all that useful. Mostly just cold.

Yeah, that head-clearing thing was working out really well.
*This statement has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration. Consume Slayer at your own risk. Contents may settle during shipping. Batteries not included. Please check side of box for which model of Best. Slayer. Ever. is contained within: light, dark, or multi-colored.

[OOC: For... anybody who'd have a reason to wander up to the MCA roof.]
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Xander and Bridge had been having a late dinner when the call came in. Logan hadn't given a lot of details, but what he had said was enough to leave Xander uninterested in the meal that was probably cold on the kitchen counter by now.

Why eat when you can pace your apartment and glance twitchily out the window all night?

[OOC: For the BF and the Invasion From Neptune]
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After a day of realizing Fandom was almost as good as Sunnydale at taking away and giving back in the same breath, Xander was relaxing with a bowl of popcorn and a DVD. Which was in no way the Princess Bride docudrama because dude. Guys don't watch that alone. Unless they're studying the swordfighting.

Okay, maybe he was studying the swordfighting. Yes.
[OOC: for a phone call.]
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Waiting around to hear from certain people who dropped major bombshells on him then ran off to spend the weekend someplace that might possibly have corpses? Why no. Alternating that with worry about other people, just for a change of pace? Of course not.

After all, Xander'd had a busy week. He'd rented two apartments (three if you counted the one for the chalk), met or re-met a bunch of very pretty interesting arms people, and been called cute on the radio. Plenty to think about that wasn't corpse-related.

So not thinking about that. At all. Nope.

[OOC: for a couple of returning wayfarers.]

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