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It'd been one of those weekends. If by that you mean "those weekends you dream about and then wake up promising yourself never to touch runny cheese at a college mixer ever, ever again."

Still, he had a guest, of sorts, and he might as well show her that he did something besides Apartment Managing, without showing her the other thing he did besides Apartment Managing. Which was why they were currently in the elevator heading for the roof of the building.
[OOC: for the parental unit! B-word-person also welcome laterwards, if desired.]
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To: Parker
From: Xander
Date: Wednesday, October 17th

>Half relieved not to be there, half very very very ... concerned for you. And Bridge. And the others. Gah.

On the other hand, you're missing possessed board-games with funny monkeys. And, okay, man-eating spiders, but what's a little man-eating between friends, right?

Go ahead. Take it. That was me handing you the straight-line on a plate.

>*mutters to self in Chinese and wishes for you to be unemployed in secondary job*

How about underemployed? I'd settle for that. Keep the Slayer, lose the vampires. She could save the world from dust bunnies, mimes, and bad cheese. Oh, or we could just hire her out to protect all the other kids from the Invasion of the Parents this weekend, poor bastards.

No, I'm not sure if I mean the kids or the families. Better them than me, is all I'm saying. Thank God all I have to worry about is the evil undead.

And the bad cheese.

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This wasn't exactly what Xander had had in mind for the six-month anniversary of... there being anything to have an anniversary of, but given various conversations yesterday, it doesn't seem like something to be put off.

"Sorry, not quite the date I had planned," he says, leaning against a rather tall headstone.

[OOC: For the boyfriend, and they'll be out of there before any other hijinx might occur, if you're planning to use the graveyard tonight. That they were here is fine for broadcast, what they were up to, not so much.]
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Homecoming weekend and talking to old friends? Good.

Old friends who call to tell you about infestations of the undead? Not so good.

At this point Xander's just grateful there's at least one person he won't have to leave a voice-mail for, since he's already here.

"That's the last of them," Xander says, thumbing off his phone. "For now, anyway."
[OOC: For Bridge, infesty discussion topics NFB, please.]
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Ooh look, a dining room table. With food on it.

Since he's himself again, Xander's figuring it's probably his turn to make breakfast - or in this case brunch, since he's waiting for Bridge's class to let out before feeding him. Which he's all for, because brunch is very firmly daylight, and right now? Daylight is of the good.

Somebody to eat said food would be good too.
[OOC: for the b-word-person. Bitey-fangy-pointy conversation topics NFB, please.]

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