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The short version )

If you need an apartment at MCA (there's currently one open), or want Xander to do a carpentry or repair job for you, just drop me a line or a voicemail.

The long version.
50 things about Xander.

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Into each generation a Slayer is born, one girl in all the world, a Chosen One, one born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil, blah, blah, blah.

...Xander Harris is not that girl.

There. That's better.
The Boy He Used To Be )

The Guy He Is )
Oh, you're a cradle robber with a dead-ringer for your dead ex walking around the island too? )
MCA Apartments and Guy With Tools )
Other Stuffs )
OOC: You and Me )

Questions, comments? Feel free to pet the teal deer but DO NOT EAT THEM. THIS MEANS YOU, SOKKA.

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OCD-ridden and completely tl;dr.

What's changed in FH!Xander's Buffyverse from the canon version. You don't need to know this to play with him; if you play a Jossverse character and they assume he knows something he doesn't, that's A-OK. They would assume that; go with it. This is just for Big Jossverse Geeks who like to know this stuff purely because they like to know this stuff.

Basic split: at or around Graduation Day, they didn't blow up the school. They evacuated the students off to other cities, and in a couple cases, dimensions. Xander ended up at FH, Willow ended up at Hogwarts. (This happened when great reptiles roamed the earth and specific rules about canon-mixing hadn't been pinned down yet.)

People who are still alive in Xander's AU who died in canon: )

People who died in Xander's AU who *didn't* die in canon: )

People who died but not quite as they did in canon: )

Other people )

Q: Are you taking the new season 8 comics into account? )

Footnotes. Which you knew there'd be. )

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Because recent months in the world of Livejournal have demonstrated that the difference between fact and fiction is less apparent than one would assume:

This is a roleplaying journal for a fictional character who is an adult; in-character posts contain text-based fiction.

Some of that text-based fiction includes consensual sexual situations with another fictional character, who is also an adult, but was under-age during earlier parts of the story.

The text is accompanied by user icons which are non-explicit and feature actors who are both well above the age of majority.

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