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June 2010
Juliet's Birthday (Rory, Cally)
July 2010
There's a what in the fishtank? (Bridge, Jen, Z)
October 2010
Homecoming Carnival (Bridge, Parker, Isabel, Billy, Z, Anakin)
At the dance
Sunnydale Preunion Oh God (Willow, Tara, Kennedy)
December 2010
New Year's Eve 2025 (Bridge, Z, Jen)
March 2011
Galaxy Quest Marathon (Bridge, Z, Jen)
June 2011
Strawberry Social (Kennedy)
August 2011
Twitterfeed (Bridge, a cast of thousands)
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[OOC: For anyone that might currently be in bed with him. Yes, that means the spouse. Threesomes cost extra, Madrox.]
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Okay, so one thing that might be different from last week is the part where Xander and Bridge do spend some time together in their living room without bow-chicka-wow music playing.

If only in Xander's head.

Of course, between that and the Abaranger repeat currently on tv...

[OOC: For the husband and the dude.]
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"...Okay, so I know guys supposedly say this all the time? But seriously, God's honest truth, this has never happened to me before."
[OOC: For that guy who lives here. So not you, Jamie. Or Dor. Please God no, do not make the bed talk. Erm. Goes NWS, yes.]

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"So we're on seven, right?" Xander asks Bridge as he strikes a match. He knows the answer, because it's not exactly the first Hanukkah celebration he's been to (not even counting the previous six nights) but it never hurts to confirm with the experts.

[OOC: Shh, yes, we know 2023 wouldn't match up with this year's Jewish calendar. Shh. It's another dimension and G-d knows these guys are so timefrakked anyway that who knows what day it really is for them. OH ALSO open for the locals, and/or calls from FH friends.]

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With the Fernovian bank robber behind bars, and an apology from Sky and Ghost about the way they'd treated him throughout the investigation, Bridge is feeling... pretty good about his day, actually, as he punches in the keycode for his quarters and steps inside, the door hissing closed behind him.

Which, of course, is when a red-headed knight fell on to his bed. )

[OOC: Like the redhead said! Also, yes, this happens after Z left for Homecoming.]
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When you're living in the future with no job to speak of and not much to do but watch tv with alien subtitles and answer e-mails from your fellow alumni, shockingly enough there's plenty of time for things like preparing an anniversary dinner.

Not that he didn't know that traditionally one month was like the Kleenex Anniversary or something, but dude. He was a Harris. Well, an ex-Harris. One month without even threats of divorce or flying crockery was probably a new world record for his family.

And thus there was Chinese food, because it was something not made by a synthesizer, it was something he could walk in off the street and order without being afraid humans couldn't actually digest it, and oh yeah -- it was what they'd eaten on their first date.

[OOC: for the S-word person! No, not you, Sean Connery.]
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The beach, Xander's dressing-cabana )

The FUTURE. Sort of. Maybe. )
The beach again )

[Pre-played with the groom of otherness and the ever-loved [ profile] futurebucs_star. OOC is a smaller number than three, and IC is... in the wedding post. Or will be shortly. Though this happens offscreen.]

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Nobody much cares where you sit, since it's not like there's a bride's side, or like Xander and Bridge don't share all the same friends, but the green fabric deck chairs are separated by a white runner anyway.

Lit on either side by softly-muted glow-balls, it leads down to a chupah that's -- contain your shock -- just as green.

In fact, it looks pretty much like this. )

Welcome to the Carson-Harris wedding.


[OOC: Up supersuper early so guests and wedding party members can SP and I can craaaaaaaaash. Ceremony will be added in later in the day, and the inevitable followup post will follow. As they do.]

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Sometime on Tuesday, the following

appeared (unless through the vagaries of the sorting engine, it didn't) in a number of mailboxes (or semi-reasonable facsimiles thereof) across a number of dimensions.

Text )
Addressees )
OOC Stuffs )
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There's popcorn, there's soda, there's two guys sprawled on the couch on a work-free Thursday evening. Everybody knows what that means, right?

Right - it's Call And Torment Parker Night!

After all, there've been a few minor changes in plans, and while some people waited to leave the island until after they'd heard about them, some people left last year. So they deserve to get tormented.

Or possibly it's just fun.

[OOC: This post is brought to you by the letters B and P, and the number aleph-null. Someday when it grows up it will be a linkdrop.]
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Break week is nice. Break week without a boyf-- huh. Xander can't call him the B-word-person anymore, can he? Anyway, break-week when the person who used to be your b-word-person is fifteen years and a dimension away is kind of... b-wordy. The kind of b-word that -- without threats of vengeance, work to do or other people's good news to help celebrate -- ends in oring.

At least until his phone starts playing a certain Simon and Garfunkel tune.


[For the, um. F-word person. Which yes, sometimes is you, Jamie, but not this time. Will also be a linkdrop when I get around to it.]
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Xander is exhausted when he finally makes it back to his apartment, and not the good kind of engagement-announcing, Parker-tormenting, hard work and butt-bow-threatening kind of exhaustion.

No, this would be more the missing fiancé, teleporting to Greece, climbing Mount Olympus, hey-let's-play 20-questions-with-the-gods kind of exhaustion. Plus there was hopscotch.

You'd think some of that would go away after he discovered Bridge had been rescued, but not so much. Xander's still bone-weary with worry, and probably will be until he makes it inside and sees him face-to--- "Bridge?"

[OOC: For he whose name is on Xander's ass. Still not you, Jamie.]
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It's Friday, which means no work and there's that trip up the mountain tonight. It's also Xander's anniversary, which means as cool as the volcano might be -- you'd hope -- the rest of Fandom can enjoy trekking up it in this decidedly not-cool weather without them.

"That was good," Xander says as the door closes behind them and they scuff out into the sand. "Different, but good."

[OOC: For the B-word-person, early posty for late worky, then SP for great... late worky.]

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Ray was right. Sitting down wasn't a problem. Leaning back was a problem. Which was why Xander was sprawled out on his stomach on the living room rug, tapping away at his laptop.

Dear Willow:

You missed underwear gnomes. And people being shirtless in the park. And I miss you and I got a (top secret) tattoo. These things are only indirectly related. And also something else but I invoke BFF privilege #23 to not tell you what until later in exchange for you being the first person I tell when later happens.

How's tricks by you?


It would be wrong to send it to himself and BCC both of them. But not like special hell wrong, so he hit Send.

[Linkdroppy, but open for the BFF if she wants to reply!]

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