Jun. 12th, 2010 09:26 pm
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June 2010
Juliet's Birthday (Rory, Cally)
July 2010
There's a what in the fishtank? (Bridge, Jen, Z)
October 2010
Homecoming Carnival (Bridge, Parker, Isabel, Billy, Z, Anakin)
At the dance
Sunnydale Preunion Oh God (Willow, Tara, Kennedy)
December 2010
New Year's Eve 2025 (Bridge, Z, Jen)
March 2011
Galaxy Quest Marathon (Bridge, Z, Jen)
June 2011
Strawberry Social (Kennedy)
August 2011
Twitterfeed (Bridge, a cast of thousands)
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While Fandom weirdness had been laying low for a while aside from certain timeline-related Moments Of Awkward, holiday and birthday-type activities had more than stepped up to fill in the space. So tonight's a rare night of relaxing in front of the tv, since most of Xander's non-party time this week has been spent up in the workshop, not being an elf. Exactly.

But certainly not burglarizing Christmas, unlike someone on his tv screen right now.

[OOC: For the non-redheaded tiny Jewish Santa b-word-person.]
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The door to the holosuite's shut, but there's a glittery green sign next to it that says "Bridge's Birthday Party" and a smaller one that says, "Push Here For Cake" above the entrance button.

Push it, and the door slides open to reveal a large room made entirely of Lego, including the furniture, light fixtures and posters on the walls. There's bouncy music playing, and random shifts of coincidentally Ranger-coded colored light bopping over said walls.

[OOC: Open, and up waaaaaaay early for slowplay. If you don't think your character would've been invited but you'd like to crash anyway, feel free - the light and sound would be noticeable through the lobby anytime the door opened to let someone in. You get an extra slice of cake if you know why this icon is so, so wrong.]
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Ooh look, a dining room table. With food on it.

Since he's himself again, Xander's figuring it's probably his turn to make breakfast - or in this case brunch, since he's waiting for Bridge's class to let out before feeding him. Which he's all for, because brunch is very firmly daylight, and right now? Daylight is of the good.

Somebody to eat said food would be good too.
[OOC: for the b-word-person. Bitey-fangy-pointy conversation topics NFB, please.]

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After a day at the campgrounds, divided between saying goodbye and a strong case of luau-related deja-vu, Xander is in the kitchen, making a peanut butter sandwich.

For a ferret. As you do. )
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Xander? Hiding out in his apartment channel-surfing and avoiding all contact with humanity instead of venturing out in public? After a meeting at the birthday party he and Peter had thrown for a certain advice-giving BFF had led directly to something he was unsuccessfully desperately avoiding thinking about, last night in the park?

Whyever would you think that?

[OOC: He's not exactly expecting a phone call, but that's what this post is for.]

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