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Not that he had a problem with guests or he wouldn't have asked them to stay in the first place, but sometimes you needed to just get out and clear your head, which was why Xander was up on the roof, staring out at the town.

After what Angelus had done to Willow, Claire and Veronica, asking Mel not to kill him had been.....he really didn't want to think about what it had been, actually. Xanders traditionally attempt to avoid this thing called "self-examination." Worrying about other people is so much more fun. Oh wait, no. But at least he could distract himself by doing something useful. Sort of. Except that despite the fact that he and Dawn had the Best. Slayer. Ever.*, Willow was still asleep, so right now he wasn't feeling all that useful. Mostly just cold.

Yeah, that head-clearing thing was working out really well.
*This statement has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration. Consume Slayer at your own risk. Contents may settle during shipping. Batteries not included. Please check side of box for which model of Best. Slayer. Ever. is contained within: light, dark, or multi-colored.

[OOC: For... anybody who'd have a reason to wander up to the MCA roof.]
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Xander and Bridge had been having a late dinner when the call came in. Logan hadn't given a lot of details, but what he had said was enough to leave Xander uninterested in the meal that was probably cold on the kitchen counter by now.

Why eat when you can pace your apartment and glance twitchily out the window all night?

[OOC: For the BF and the Invasion From Neptune]
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Xander's in the kitchen, being thinky. And cooking. Which mostly consists of poking at the food synthesizer to see what wacky-but-still-edible things he can get it to make, since he knows better than to trust himself with an actual stovetop while engaging in thinkiness.

It's not bad thinkiness, necessarily - despite the construction project being over, and the last week of it being tainted with Umbridge-related nastiness, they had put the school back together. And Umbridge was gone. Resoundingly, loudly gone. Yay.

But other people are going to be gone too, which less with the yay. And, well. Thinky.
[OOC: for the less-than-pleased BF]
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While the Policeman's ball had been a fun ending to a productive week, and Monday had even started well, Xander's anniversary this month? DO NOT WANT.

Which is why, now that Bridge is feeling better, Xander's got his apartment all set up for a romantic evening.

You know. Pizza, highly-caffeinated soda, Galaxy Quest dvds.

[OOC: for the obvious person-type person.]
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Xander's channel-flipping absently, trying to distract himself from the thought that Isabel left today, but not doing such a great job of it. When he had work to do, the physical kind or just meeting new aliens and renting them rooms, as you do, it was better. Now, though, he can't actually seem to pay attention to one show long enough to not think. TV is failing him. This is wrong! So very wrong.
[OOC: for a certain unlawful curfew-breaker.]
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Xander's got an e-mail home open, half-written, as he lounges on the couch with the laptop. Oddly, it's not to Willow, this time - not that it's always to her, but she tends to get the bulk of them due to BFF privileges.

This time, though, it's to the other best friend.

Dear Buffy:

So I met Bridge's parents. His mom pulled a knife on me. Good times. I'm not in tiny card jail, though, which I think I'm supposed to take as a sign that they like me. In other news, mini-Fandom-Andrew got the lead in the school play. I'm not sure if I should warn him about possible fairy possession or warn the school about possible monkey-demons. I'm not sure this school would even notice possible monkey-demons; it's not like we did.

64,000$ question: What if Angel'd still been evil after he got the soul back? What would you have done? Except you did, when you killed him, so I guess I'm asking what should I have done to hel---

If you think, given how close that gets to mentioning things he's never mentioned, that this letter's going nowhere fast, you're not wrong.

[OOC: For the guy whose parents haven't put Xander in tiny card jail yet.]
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Xander's cooking. Real cooking, not even pasta. Cooking with meat and veggies and something that passes for gravy. It's not really taking his mind off what he learned today, but it's letting him concentrate on something with set steps, instructions he has to follow. It's almost like work in that respect but he's less familiar with the process, and that helps today. Lets him only dwell on it in slow minutes while he's waiting for the potatoes to boil, how easy it is to take it for granted, even now. What he got back, the chance to spend time with with people he cares about, people he thought he'd lost. People - or at least one person - that he really needs to talk to, now.
[OOC: For Bridge. SP'd for great work-and-cleaning-parents'-house-ness]
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Date: 6/27/2007: 5:18 pm
Subject: re: This, That, Other

*poke whenever you get back from wherever you've been all week* So am I going to Hell for supplying vodka to the underaged or just for dating them? Eight out of ten underage boyfriends want to know.

love, Xander

Date: 6/28/2007: 2:57 am
Subject: re: re: This, That, Other

What, the gay sex and Barbie-stealing wasn't edgy enough for you? Show-off.

love, Willow
p.s. And now I shower. You do not want to know where I've been all week.
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Xander is typing an e-mail. As you do.

Dear Willow: )

Well, ok, Xander is staring at the screen with his finger poised over the delete key. But that's sort of like typing, right?
[OOC: For the Space Cadet who doesn't wear yellow. Not that Xander doesn't love her too. Just not in the same way. Really, really not in the same way.]
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Earlier, there was a call to Parker whose topics included cleaning, construction and missing Fandom. Also, certain plans for this evening.

Now, there is pasta bubbling on the stove and a Xander in the kitchen. Yes, despite the fact that the apartment came with a food replicator; it's a thing. A certain plans for this evening thing. A "two months ago we weren't a thing and now we're a thing again" thing.
[OOC: For....this will surprise no one, Bridge.]
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Xander has a perfectly logical reason to be piling up pillows, blankets, and sofa cushions on the floor of the den. No, really.

Yeah, there'd been good parts to the last two weeks, and work - of several kinds - was fine, even though his Slayer's taking off for another dimension for the weekend.

But people leaving, people who left, people who might get a little nervous about the idea of him going anyplace... It would make anybody sane consider moving into a fort for the near future.

Granted that doesn't explain why Xander's doing it.
[OOC: For the fort-buddy. ...Still not you, Madrox. A NWS scene follows this post, but is filtered.]
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Apparently the weekend -- exits and entrances, expected parties and unexpected reappearances, applause and explosions, and... brunch, as you do -- had finally caught up with Xander, because he was nursing one of those hide-behind-the-eyepatch headaches. He'd already taken something for it, but that was just keeping the dull throb from creeping out into the rest of his head.
[OOC: for someone with a festive umbrella. No, not you, Jamie.]
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That noise coming from Xander's apartment wasn't the rhythmic thumping of a head against a wall this time. It was the sound of a guy singing in the shower about ordinary days. Loudly. So loudly that he didn't hear the phone on the bathroom counter proving that Simon and Garfunkel made a really crappy counterpoint to Great Big Sea.

Until he stepped out, wiped the steam off the mirror, and had to fumble for the cell with wet fingers before it buzzed itself off the countertop.

Then there was an outgoing call.

Then came the thumping.

[OOC: open for a specific call, but if anybody feels like dealing with him before then, he'll answer the door. He'll just be a basketcase.]
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After a day of realizing Fandom was almost as good as Sunnydale at taking away and giving back in the same breath, Xander was relaxing with a bowl of popcorn and a DVD. Which was in no way the Princess Bride docudrama because dude. Guys don't watch that alone. Unless they're studying the swordfighting.

Okay, maybe he was studying the swordfighting. Yes.
[OOC: for a phone call.]
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It was a wee bit nippy in the land of MCA today. So sayeth Xander's... yeah he was waaaay too mature to make that joke now. Rly. Or possibly he just sighed sadly when he realized the central heating was out, because there was nobody around to make that joke to except the frog, who was unimpressed. Oh well - doing something about it beat sitting around re-hashing the weekend and worrying about stuff he couldn't control.

The apartments above were probably still warm, but that wouldn't last if he didn't get the heat started again, so Xander left a note at the office and on his door indicating for any similarly-nipped residents that yes, he was working on it. And he was. Two floors down -- one of them stairs-only -- in the sub-basement. Flashlight in one hand and box of matches in the other, staring at the boiler and wondering where exactly the pilot-light was on this model.

As you do... )

[OOC: Closed to IC interaction; there'll be an open MCA office post later today tomorrow though. (ETA: I lied; work ate me and it seems lateish for an office post now.) Preplayed with [ profile] lilpunkinbelly and [ profile] cantjossme. MCA residents can feel free to either notice or ignore the brief cold snap, since it would've been fixed within the hour.]

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