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The weeks leading up to and following graduation had been... busy was not the word. Or well, it was one of the words, along with eventful, Fandomtastic, scary, heart-stopping, sad, worrying, nostalgia-inducing, work-filled, relieving, newsy, romantic, and occasionally MA-rated. Some of which weren't words, but whatever. It all added up to Xander not having had a chance to just flop down and vegetate in front of the tv for quite a while.


Space Battles. He was almost up to the metal bikini.

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Homecoming weekend and talking to old friends? Good.

Old friends who call to tell you about infestations of the undead? Not so good.

At this point Xander's just grateful there's at least one person he won't have to leave a voice-mail for, since he's already here.

"That's the last of them," Xander says, thumbing off his phone. "For now, anyway."
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After a busy week spent talking, listening, answering e-mail and doing several kinds of work, Xander's relaxing at home, flipping channels despite nothing interesting being on, because he's too lazy to get up and put in a dvd.
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After a day at the campgrounds, divided between saying goodbye and a strong case of luau-related deja-vu, Xander is in the kitchen, making a peanut butter sandwich.

For a ferret. As you do. )
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Before heading off to John and Aeryn's engagement party later that night, Xander was sitting inside the open doorway, the room itself not powered up, running through the list of sequences - the non-dirty ones, kthx - on the screen of his laptop. He wondered if it'd actually be possible to adapt some of the movie-related ones to fight scenarios for Mel; at least they got the gore-levels right in some of them, even if the dialogue left a little to be desired...

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Apparently the weekend -- exits and entrances, expected parties and unexpected reappearances, applause and explosions, and... brunch, as you do -- had finally caught up with Xander, because he was nursing one of those hide-behind-the-eyepatch headaches. He'd already taken something for it, but that was just keeping the dull throb from creeping out into the rest of his head.
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