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June 2010
Juliet's Birthday (Rory, Cally)
July 2010
There's a what in the fishtank? (Bridge, Jen, Z)
October 2010
Homecoming Carnival (Bridge, Parker, Isabel, Billy, Z, Anakin)
At the dance
Sunnydale Preunion Oh God (Willow, Tara, Kennedy)
December 2010
New Year's Eve 2025 (Bridge, Z, Jen)
March 2011
Galaxy Quest Marathon (Bridge, Z, Jen)
June 2011
Strawberry Social (Kennedy)
August 2011
Twitterfeed (Bridge, a cast of thousands)
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The weeks leading up to and following graduation had been... busy was not the word. Or well, it was one of the words, along with eventful, Fandomtastic, scary, heart-stopping, sad, worrying, nostalgia-inducing, work-filled, relieving, newsy, romantic, and occasionally MA-rated. Some of which weren't words, but whatever. It all added up to Xander not having had a chance to just flop down and vegetate in front of the tv for quite a while.


Space Battles. He was almost up to the metal bikini.

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Homecoming weekend and talking to old friends? Good.

Old friends who call to tell you about infestations of the undead? Not so good.

At this point Xander's just grateful there's at least one person he won't have to leave a voice-mail for, since he's already here.

"That's the last of them," Xander says, thumbing off his phone. "For now, anyway."
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While the Policeman's ball had been a fun ending to a productive week, and Monday had even started well, Xander's anniversary this month? DO NOT WANT.

Which is why, now that Bridge is feeling better, Xander's got his apartment all set up for a romantic evening.

You know. Pizza, highly-caffeinated soda, Galaxy Quest dvds.

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Xander's cooking. Real cooking, not even pasta. Cooking with meat and veggies and something that passes for gravy. It's not really taking his mind off what he learned today, but it's letting him concentrate on something with set steps, instructions he has to follow. It's almost like work in that respect but he's less familiar with the process, and that helps today. Lets him only dwell on it in slow minutes while he's waiting for the potatoes to boil, how easy it is to take it for granted, even now. What he got back, the chance to spend time with with people he cares about, people he thought he'd lost. People - or at least one person - that he really needs to talk to, now.
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Unlike Monday night, Xander wasn't drinking to see how drunk he could get. (Or counting nipples.) He was just sitting in his living room, the tv turned down low, a tumbler of non-black, non-evil somethingorother in his hand, thinking about... well, Things.

Also, wondering if he should call back, now that a check of his phone revealed he hadn't dreamed this morning's weird wake-up call, or... think about Things some more.
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Xander was slouched on the sofa studying the layout of the building, wondering if he could get away with adding another wing or something to deal with the slow but steady stream of new townies that seemed to be trickling in, considering that Giles had filled the last available apartment and with the landing pad on the roof it wasn't like he could build up.

He wasn't using it as an excuse to have something to stare at besides the wall while he obssessed about various conversations, some of them more unsettling (and less one-sided) than others. At all.
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After a day of realizing Fandom was almost as good as Sunnydale at taking away and giving back in the same breath, Xander was relaxing with a bowl of popcorn and a DVD. Which was in no way the Princess Bride docudrama because dude. Guys don't watch that alone. Unless they're studying the swordfighting.

Okay, maybe he was studying the swordfighting. Yes.
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