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With the Fernovian bank robber behind bars, and an apology from Sky and Ghost about the way they'd treated him throughout the investigation, Bridge is feeling... pretty good about his day, actually, as he punches in the keycode for his quarters and steps inside, the door hissing closed behind him.

Which, of course, is when a red-headed knight fell on to his bed, bounced off, and hit the floor. "Ow."

Given that there's a carpenter with an eyepatch taking a nap on said bed (luckily on the other half) at the time, there's soon a carpenter with an eyepatch sitting shouting "Whaaaahuh? I didn't do it! Who's ending the world this time?"

Okay, strange noises and shouting? Good mood forgotten, Bridge runs over to the bedroom, door sliding open to reveal... Xander and Alanna?

"Um." Blinkblinkblink. "Is there something you guys wanna tell me?"

Alanna glanced up from the floor, looked around, and said in her best dead pan. "Yes, sorry about that. We were hoping you wouldn't find out like this." Which is when her bag flew out of the ceiling and clattered an inch from her head. "Ow."

Xander peers over the side of the bed, scruffing rumpled hair out of his eyes. "Alanna?"

"Just what I was gonna say," Bridge says, still with the blinkblinkblink.

"Hi guys." Alanna said from the floor as a coffee mug hit her ear. "I'm sorry I missed your wedding?"

"...I'm glad you missed my head?" Xander offers.

"Yeah, uh, sorry about that. Bouncer had no sense of humor." Alanna picked herself up off the floor and grabbed the various pieces of luggage that had come after her. "So um, how have you been?"

"Arresting criminals mostly?" Bridge says. "Well, and fighting giant robots. And then arresting the criminals piloting the giant robots."

Alanna glanced around, making sure she got everything. "Sounds ... exciting." She went over to give Bridge a hug. "Congratulations on the wedding!"

Xander gives one last useless pass at his hair, then swings his legs over the side of the bed. "Thanks. Where exactly did you get bounced from?"

"Not a clue." Alanna informed him. "It was some bar and this guy had no sense of humor to speak of." Had Alanna known that Charlie had been kicked out of the same bar the year before, she would have laughed.

"Well, I'm glad that if you had to bounce anywhere, it's here," Bridge says, finally letting go of Alanna. "It's good to see you."

"Hey, can I get in on that? No bogarting the redhead."

Alanna went over for another hug. "Hey you, congratulations on the wedding."

"Thanks," Bridge says, since Xander said so already. "Can I get you um... something? To drink? Or eat? Or some ice, for, I mean, that was kind of a hard landing there, it looked like, are you okay?" he babbles.

"Not the worst one I've had." Alanna told him. "Some version of your town? Is a very large, dusty hole in the ground," she informed Xander.

Xander nods. "I think that covers most of 'em. They even tried to do a re-build on mine a few years back but they had to pull out 'cause the ground wasn't stable enough."

"This world dpesn't even have a Sunnydale," Bridge informs Alanna. "We did have a Neptune, though, till the meteor hit. Now it's Newtech City." It's... sort of relevant.

Alanna blinked. "A meteor hit Neptune?"

"Like thirteen years ago, yeah," Bridge says. "So they built this place on top of it."

"That's why we had the wedding at Logan's place," Xander adds. "Since mine had doubles-and-my-parents-and-always-full-of-evil issues, and we were trying to keep it on the QT, so here and now was out."

"Speaking of..." Bridge gives Xander a look. "You still haven't told them, have you?"

Xander raises an eyebrow. "My evil doubles?""

Bridge rolls his eyes. "Your parents."

"No, I haven't told my parents I have an evil double yet."

Any more eyerolling is bound to end up with Bridge's eyes actually rolling right out of his head, and having only one eye between the two of them is probably not a good idea.

"You also haven't told them you got married," he points out.

Alanna had the urge to get popcorn. "I'm stuck between laughing and pointing out how cute you two look..."

"Did you hear that?" Bridge grins at Xander. "She thinks we're cute."

Xander shoots a look at Alanna. "Threesomes cost extra."

Had Alanna been eating, there would have been choking. Instead, there was wide eyed flailing.

And there's a Xander ducking out of the way of an expected something that surely Bridge would be throwing at him any second now.

Mostly all that Bridge is throwing at Xander is a wide-eyed flail of his own. "No threesomes!"

Xander just laughs. "I didn't say how much extra."

"And how much would that be?"

"She doesn't have that much," Xander assures him.

Alanna was looking back and forth between the two. "Do I want to know?

"You might want to pay me not to tell you," Xander says after considering it.

Alanna took a quarter out of her pocket and offered it with a grin.

"Ooh. Shiiiiny!" Xander flips it over his knuckles like it's hypnotizing him. "Now we can afford the extra fortune cookies when we buy you dinner at Ching Tai."

"Going all fancy on me?" Alanna asked then blinked. "Wait, isn't Ching Tai at Fandom?"

"Yeah," Bridge nods. "Homecoming's this weekend, and we've got a portal in, um..." he glances at the clock on the bedside table. "Now? Ish?"

Alanna glanced down at her outfit and quickly grabbed her bag. "I should probably warn you right now that me, portals, and Fandom don't seem to mix."

"It's a Portalocity portal," Xander says, heading for his own luggage, already packed next to Bridge's. "You should be able to tag along if I give them a call now and add one more--"

In case the viewers at home should begin to wonder at this juncture, Xander does not actually have Rob Thomas living in his pocket. Just a phone that plays We were drawn from the weeds, we were brave like soldiers... for any caller that doesn't have an assigned ringtone.

"The hell?" he exclaims after glancing at the call ID. "They read minds now? That's just creepy." He thumbs the speakerphone on. "Hey, I was just about to--"

~~~We regret to inform you that due to recent timespace anomaly patterns, all outgoing commercial portals from this dimension have been temporarily suspended. Normal service should resume as of Monday, October 13th. To file for a refund or travel credit, please visit and fill out Form 69-J stroke fifteen subsection three, as well as Worksheet Alpha Zed Forty-Two...~~~

Which would be about where Xander hung up on it.

"I didn't do it." Alanna said quickly.

"...I guess that means we'll have to find someplace else to go for dinner?" Bridge says.

Xander, still WTF-y in the general direction of his phone, raises his head, then his hand. "I call not Piggy's. Or anyplace else that doesn't serve food consumable by humans, even if it smells better."

"Ew, no," Bridge agrees. "I was thinking more along the lines of my parents, actually."

"That definitely smells better," Xander agrees. "And hey, if your mom ends up pulling a knife on me again, this time we've got somebody with a sword for backup!"

"That was an accident!" Bridge protests. At least, he's maybe 97% sure it was, anyway.

Xander just snickers and claps a hand on Alanna's shoulder. "Welcome to the future."

[OOC: Like the redhead said! Also, yes, this happens after Z left for Homecoming.]
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